ChangChill becomes truly elephant-friendly


Thank you. You made it possible for ChangChill in Thailand to become a truly elephant-friendly venue. Now the six resident elephants are free to roam the valley, graze and splash in the local river.

ChangChill’s six resident female elephants now have the freedom to just be elephants again: especially socialising with each other – which is a key part of their life in the wild.

Campaigner for social change, and World Animal Protection wildlife ambassador, Richie Hardcore saw firsthand the good things you’ve made possible for elephants. Here, he answers your questions about elephants and shows why your support is so important.

“Elephants are one of the world’s most intelligent species. They form complex family bonds, they also grieve if they lose a family member and can develop PTSD from traumatic experience, just like we might.”

– Richie Hardcore

ChangChill (meaning “relaxed elephants” in Thai) no longer allows visitors to directly interact with elephants. Instead, visitors can watch the elephants from a safe distance.

They can instead admire the elephants expressing their natural behaviour, including from the new observational deck overlooking the picturesque valley.

ChangChill is offering a better life for elephants and a unique experience for visitors – thanks to supporters like you.

And the good news keeps coming. ChangChill’s is inspiring other venues to become elephant-friendly too.

This couldn’t have happened without you. On behalf of the happy elephants of ChangChill, thank you.

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