Jaguaren Xama fanget med vildtkamera om natten

Camera trap footage of jaguar cub in the Amazon rainforest


New camera trap footage of Xamã, an orphaned male jaguar cub you helped rescue from the Brazil fires, shows he is thriving in his rehabilitation enclosure in the Amazon rainforest.

The 15,000 square metre enclosure - which is roughly the size of one and a half soccer fields – gives Xamá plenty of space, a large dam and huge trees to explore.

Since his relocation to the jaguar habitat rehabilitation enclosure in early 2023, he has been monitored by our partners the Onçafari Project who have provided the camera trap footage of Xamá.

The camera traps help the team remotely monitor the enclosure 24 hours a day. Through them, we've been able to follow Xamá `s behaviour and notice that he's most active between 6pm and 4am - with a few appearances during the day.

We’ve also noticed he is starting to receive visits from birds, lizards, snakes, tapirs and various other species that pass through or past the enclosure.

When Xamã reaches maturity and is deemed fit to be reintroduced to the wild, he will be released into a suitable and safe area along with a radio collar that will allow remote monitoring for at least one year.

This will make Xamã the first male jaguar to have been successfully rescued and reintroduced to the Amazon rainforest.

If the reintroduction is to be a success, Xamã needs to improve his natural behaviours, such as hunting, which are fundamental for him to be ready to live free Amazon. As part of this process the team are alternating meals he is provided.

Xamã is fed pork, beef and chicken every other day by our team. At around 1 year old, with permanent teeth, he has also begun to train his instincts and carried out hunting exercises for live prey in the enclosure.

Thank you for giving Xamã the opportunity to be the first male jaguar to return to the lush Amazon rainforest.

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