California become first US State to ban SeaWorld Orca shows

California become first US State to ban SeaWorld Orca shows


Earlier this week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the Orca Protection and Safety Act into law, banning the breeding and performance of Orcas in captivity. This is a huge victory for marine life in the state.

This groundbreaking legislation sends a powerful message that Orcas belong in the wild. Not in captivity for our entertainment.

The experience of captive marine mammals is a far cry from their natural lives in their wild – causing extreme suffering and stress for these intelligent creatures.

A passage of this law reflects that the welfare of marine animals is increasingly crucial to the consumer tourist public – they don’t want to see wildlife exploited for entertainment.

World Animal Protect applauds the leadership of Assembly member Richard Bloom, who introduced the California Orca Protection Act; the Animal Welfare Institute, which co-sponsored the bill; the makers of the 2013 Blackfish documentary; and everyone who’s raised their voice to shine a spotlight on the cruelty of keeping marine mammals in captivity.

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