Burger King UK signs the Better Chicken Commitment


Good news! Burger King UK has signed the Better Chicken Commitment, a set of standards that will improve the welfare of millions of chickens.

"Signing up to the Better Chicken Commitment means that chickens on farms that supply Burger King will have more space and will be raised more humanely."

By 2026, the chickens supplied to Burger King UK will also have more space to move around, more natural light and enrichment such as straw bales to explore and peck, so they can behave more naturally.

Thanks to our supporters, we've been calling on fast food companies to improve the welfare of chickens on their farms and Burger King UK’s decision means that by 2026 all the farms that supply their restaurants in the UK will move away from the use of fast-growing chicken breeds that suffer from painful heart, lung and bone problems.

While, 2026 does seem far away but it does take time to make changes on farms and to breed more slower growing breeds.

Lindsay Duncan, World Animal Protection farming campaigns manager said, "Signing up to the Better Chicken Commitment means that chickens on farms that supply Burger King UK will have more space and will be raised more humanely. It also means that there will be less chances of diseases such as bird flu being spread. We are calling on other fast-food companies to follow Burger King's lead and put the welfare of animals first before profit."

Taking the lead on animal welfare

Together, we'll continue calling on global food companies to take a lead on animal welfare and ensure that any chickens that are being served at their restaurants are guaranteed a life worth living. Our Change for Chickens campaign was launched in 2016 and we have since worked with KFC in the UK and Europe and Nando’s on improving the welfare of the chickens on farms that supply its restaurants.

Burger King UK’s announcement follows their commitment in the US and Canada. We are happy to see the commitment becoming more global and we will continue to work with Burger King on how to make these changes and call on more companies and food outlets to do the same.

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