Abandoned bear cubs given a new home

Abandoned bear cubs given a new home


Our partner in Romania, Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP), rescues bears who have been held captive in tiny roadside cages or substandard zoos, then re-homes them in a large forest sanctuary.

Recently, they had an unusual mission: to rescue two four-week-old bear cubs found abandoned in the wild. The forest rangers who found the cubs observed their den for three days, during which time their mother did not return. It’s likely the cubs’ mother had been killed. If left alone, the young cubs would have faced certain death.

The rangers alerted AMP, who then swooped in and collected the cubs. The cubs were taken to the Victory animal shelter in Brasov, where AMP also care for and re-home stray dogs. They were given a full medical check and found to be quite dehydrated, but otherwise in good health. This tender care is only possible thanks to your support.

The next stop for the cubs is a special quarantine area in the Romanian bear sanctuary. They will spend the next few months here before mixing with the other bears in the main enclosure. The cubs will need to be bottle-fed every two hours with a special milk formula. In the wild, mother bears can nurse their cubs for up to two years, so only time – and a lot more tender care – will tell if they will be strong enough to survive.

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