Don’t get taken for a ride.

Elephants destined for the tourism industry are separated from their mothers and family groups at just a few months old. Their spirits are broken as they undergo physical and mental trauma to be forced to interact with and perform for people.

The appalling cruelty inflicted on Asian elephants over decades is now spreading throughout southern Africa. If left unchecked hundreds of African elephants will face lifetimes of cruelty and abuse for tourist entertainment. We want to stop this happening before it's too late.  

A life entertaining tourists is no life for a wild animal

Across the world animals are being taken from the wild and bred in captivity to be used in the tourist entertainment industry. They will suffer at every stage of this inherently cruel business.

The demand for wildlife holiday experiences is driving the cruel animal entertainment industry. We have the power to reduce that demand and change the industry now. 

Pledge to stand with World Animal Protection in asking the travel industry to end the exploitation of wildlife and promise to not visit attractions that use wild animals for entertainment.

The demand for wildlife entertainment attractions has been growing globally. We know that people visit wildlife tourism attractions because they love animals and many are completely unaware of the suffering that occurs behind the scenes. But don’t get take for a ride.

Join the powerful movement that’s putting a stop to the cruelty. Worldwide, more than 100 travel companies have committed never to sell elephant rides and shows. Stand with over 150,000 people who have already pledged to be elephant friendly on their holidays. Together we can stop the demand and end the cruelty.

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