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14 June 2018
Earlier this year, the vast and desolate Eastern Steppe of Mongolia experienced a natural disaster known as a “Black Dzud”; bringing with it extremely low temperatures and high winds for weeks on end. A dzud of this type occurs when a harsh winter follows a very dry summer.
14 March 2018
When Hurricane Irma tore through the Caribbean in September 2017, many island countries were devastated and local populations were forced to leave their homes. In Barbuda, all residents were forced to evacuate the island and leave their animals behind.
09 March 2018
We recently returned from a monitoring and evaluation visit, something we build into every relief effort to ensure that funds are being used toward the help and care of animals.
19 December 2017
The holiday season is upon us, which means special events and gatherings. It also means summer weather and new potential risks for pets. Make sure to keep your pets’ welfare top of mind to avoid excess stress and injuries.