Animals in Aotearoa New Zealand need your vote this election

Please vote. Our animals need you!

In this year’s General Election, you have the power to make your vote count for animals in Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond.

On the election trail we know parties can promise the earth but underdeliver once in Government.

So, we have created this handy Promise Tracker so you can check out what was promised versus what was delivered for animals in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Keeping political parties accountable on animal welfare is especially important, as the latest 2020 Animal Protection Index from World Animal Protection ranks New Zealand as having ‘much work to do’ in improving its legislation and policies around the protection of animals.

Your vote in this election has the power to protect animals in Aotearoa New Zealand now and well into the future.

30 September: Overseas voting starts
03 October: Advance voting starts
17 October: Election Day

You can also take our Quiz to see where the political parties stand on animal welfare issues so it’s easy to decide who to vote for.