News: Animals in the wild

30 July 2018
Since 2009, World Animal Protection has been working with our partner Education for Nature (ENV) to end bear farming in Vietnam. We’re working with national and local governments to change and strengthen laws protecting bears and raising public awareness.
28 June 2018
The waters of Indonesia are home to six out of seven of the world’s sea turtle species. All species of sea turtles are currently listed as endangered by the UN. There’s no doubt turtles need our help. Sadly, some of the venues observed in Indonesia are far from the 'sanctuaries' they claim to be.
26 June 2018
Tigers are considered an endangered species by the UN. At several wildlife attractions in Bali, captive tiger numbers are increasing. Contrary to some beliefs, these venues only cause intense suffering for captive tigers, while maintaining demand and financial incentives to poach/trade from the wild