Your urgent delivery reached starving animals in the Mongolian dzud


Thanks to you, our disaster response team delivered emergency nutrition packs to animals in Mongolia – in the areas where the dzud had left devastation of the largest scale

“Thank you for your help. You are helping my animals at the time they need it most.” – Alagerdene Otgon

After a severe summer drought followed by a bitterly cold harsh winter, the nutrition packs gave thousands of animals a lifeline. The most vulnerable animals, including mothers and newborns, received the essential nutrients and minerals they needed to survive until the warmer months.

Meet Khalzan and Alagerdene

One of the animals you helped was Khalzan, a one-year-old calf owned by nomadic herder Alagerdene Otgon.

Of the 300 animals in Alagerdene’s care, Khalzan is the first to come to her and likes to follow her around, almost like a dog. His name means ‘bald’ – he is named for the little white patch of fur on his head.

Alagerdene Otgon made jackets and vests to keep the weakest of her animals warm through the dzud.

Khalzan is the boldest of all Alagerdene’s animals. He was playful with us and with the other animals, repeatedly pushing at a young black yak, as though trying to get him to join in the game. But the yak simply stood on the spot, blinking and chewing.

Alagerdene laughed when we asked if yaks are mellower by nature. “Not always, but that one is,” she said. She explained that her animals all have different personalities.

But sadly, when we met the dzud had already taken the lives of some of her sheep.

“Losing them makes me very sad, because I care about them. You get to know your animals well. I tried my best to protect them. They are everything to us.”

Alagerdene had even fitted some of the weakest and thinnest of her cattle with homemade jackets and vests.

Khalzan and the other animals received emergency nutrition packs that included milk powder, mineral supplements and fish oil. This much-needed sustenance gave the weakened animals vital nutrients to keep them warm and healthy through the winter. 

Our disaster response team was on the ground delivering emergency nutrition packs for animals in areas of Mongolia worst affected by the dzud.

“Thank you for your help,” said Alagerdene. “You are helping my animals at the time they need it most.”

Steven Clegg, our disaster response manager, visited Mongolian families and their animals during the dzud.

“In Mongolia, more than anywhere else I have seen, the lives of people and animals are linked,” he said.

Thank you for your help to save thousands of Mongolian animals.