New Zealand leads the way on our Animal Protection Index


Have you ever wondered how different countries around the world rank when it comes to protecting animals? Our new online Animal Protection Index, made possible by your support, allows you to easily compare different countries animal welfare laws and policies.

No wild animal can have its needs entirely met when kept as a pet

The new Index ranks 50 countries according to their commitment to protecting animals and improving animal welfare. It is very pleasing to see New Zealand, along with the United Kingdom, Austria and Switzerland, ranked up there with the highest score. This is something we can all be very proud of. 

Whilst this is great news for New Zealand, there are still improvements to be made in animal welfare. The Animal Welfare Act, which is currently under review, is a good example of how the country is continuing to make positive change for animals. 

To stay at number one, it is vital we keep progressing in matters of animal welfare. 

We look forward to working with you next year to ensure the New Zealand Government maintains its leadership position. 

The Animal Protection Index is an essential tool to encourage better protection for animals.

“The API will be a vital tool in helping us convince countries to improve their animal welfare performance and help build support for our campaigns.” Says our head of policy and advocacy, Ricardo Fajardo.

“We are very excited by this worldwide first. The API shows where there’s room for improvement, and celebrates achievements. It features countries with policies and legislation that protect animals, while also drawing attention to effective government structures and animal protection education commitments.”  

See how well New Zealand rates, and find out and compare the ratings of countries online with our API 

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