Making life better for dogs


World Rabies Day is on 28 September. It’s the perfect time to reflect on how important Man’s best friend is to the lives of people around the world.

Every dog deserves a life worth living, a life free from cruelty and suffering.

Your support, is ending the unnecessary culling of millions of dogs each year, caused by a fear of rabies.

Watch the video and meet some of the dogs and dog owners you’ve helped.

An avoidable death sentence

Rabies has a devasting death rate (95%), killing 59,000 people a year. Every day 150 people die of rabies; most of these people are children under 15 years of age.

Many more dogs suffer a painful slow death from this terrible disease. And many more are killed out of fear of the disease.

The only solution

Killing dogs is not the solution to stopping rabies – the only way to eliminate the virus is through mass vaccination. Vaccinating at least 70% of the dogs in an area creates ‘herd immunity’, slowing the spread of rabies until it dies out.

So, with your ongoing help, we will continue to work with governments and communities to manage dog populations humanely; and help people learn how to look after dogs responsibly. We do all of these things to stop millions of dogs being culled without reason every year – and to help communities and dogs live together healthily and without fear.

Every dog deserves a life worth living, a life free from cruelty and suffering.

Factory farming is animal cruelty

32 day old broiler meat chickens in a commercial indoor system

The treatment of farmed animals is the world’s biggest animal welfare issue, with more than 70 billion animals farmed for food each year.