Local Wellingtonian saves thousands of dogs every year!


Thanks to our supporters and their ongoing donations to our Better Lives for Dogs programme - World Animal Protection - has just provided our 1 millionth rabies vaccination to improve the lives of dogs (and therefore humans) across Asia and Africa.

A local Wellingtonian – Joanna Tuckwell – helps to spearhead this global programme, in the Asia Pacific Region, for World Animal Protection. Joanna is our Better Lives for Dogs Campaign Manager, Asia Pacific.

You can listen to a short and insightful, 10 minute interview on Joanna Tuckwell’s important work by Wallace Chapman (Sunday, Radio New Zealand) here.

Thank you to all our New Zealand supporters, who help our local experts, such as Joanna Tuckwell to contribute to our important global work.

Together with you, World Health Organisation (WHO), World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) we will eliminate rabies without culling dogs by 2030. 

To celebrate our millionth vaccination and show your support for dogs around the world, head to our community page and upload a photo of your dog.

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