A dramatic raid saves three bears from the torment of bear baiting


The daring rescue took place after our Pakistan partners, BRC, received a tip off about a large-scale bear baiting event being planned in Punjab.

Although the organisers changed the date and location to avoid detection, our extensive community network found out about the illegal event just in time. Local police and wildlife authorities swooped in, stopped the fight and confiscated the bears that were about to be attacked in the baiting ring.

The bear owners and event organisers were arrested, and the bears, Alba, Tero and Zoe, were taken to the safety of our Balkasar sanctuary whilst a long legal battle for their ownership raged.

One month later, in a groundbreaking decision, BRC won the right keep the bears so they can live the rest of their lives in the peaceful surroundings of the sanctuary.

Months of planning paid off

The dramatic rescue was the result of months of dedicated efforts by our friends at the BRC and their local network, made possible by our wonderful supporters.

Without their help, these bears would still be held captive and abused for ‘sport’.

Just too late for Zoe

Devastatingly, we received news that Zoe passed away at the sanctuary very recently.

Baiting bears live such traumatic lives before rescue that sometimes their bodies never fully recover. That’s why we work so hard to free the bears from bear baiting as soon as possible.

Thankfully, Alba and Tero are settling in well and their days are no longer filled with pain and suffering. Instead, they have plenty of nutritious food, fresh water and space to play – all the things they need to lead a normal bear life.

The push to save the remaining baiting bears

While Alba and Tero are now free to enjoy being bears for the first time, there are many others in Pakistan still suffering the endless abuse of bear baiting. This cruel blood sport inflicts unbelievable terror on defenseless bears as they try to defend themselves against savage dogs.

With the help of our amazing supporters, we’ll rescue these remaining baiting bears as soon as possible and give them the safe, secure and peaceful life they deserve.