Donkey tales from the Pegasus society


Your ongoing generosity has helped us support the wonderful work of Pegasus since 2008. The Pegasus Society is dedicated to rehabilitating badly treated donkeys and horses in Israel. Here are some of the recent heart-warming stories from their devoted team.

The friendly foal that loves people

Lavan, a little white donkey foal, is charming everyone he meets with his affectionate nature.  

“Lavan really is very funny,” says Pegasus founder, Zvika Tamuz. “I’ve never seen a foal that wants to be with people so much. He even nuzzles my eight-month-old son Lior while he’s in his buggy.”

The little foal’s mother, Hannah, is one of the many donkeys Pegasus has rescued over the years. She was found abandoned and suffering from terrible leg wounds. Zvika came to her aid took her back to the centre where she received the care she so desperately needed. It’s thanks to the Pegasus team that Hannah recovered and gave birth to the little foal without complication. 

Once Lavan is weaned, Zvika thinks he would be an ideal asset for a project that works with children with special needs. He’s also hopeful that the little foal’s mother will find a safe forever home now she’s well again.

A new home for deserving Dvir

Poor Dvir was found by a group of teenagers near their village spring. He was suffering from a terrible stomach wound and carrying a heavy chain around his neck. 

Thanks to the youngsters’ smart thinking, the black donkey was quickly rescued by Pegasus and brought back to health. Now he has a fantastic new home too!

Dvir is enjoying life on an educational farm where school children go to learn about agriculture. His sweet nature has made him very popular with the young people who visit. 

Dvir also gets on well with Shemish, another Pegasus donkey that was rehomed with him. 

“Shemish and Dvir have been great additions to Ashdod farm”, says Hedva, the farm’s manager. “They play an important role in the education programme as many people in Israel still depend on donkeys to work the land. The donkeys have been a great addition and love all the attention they get”.

Sea Change in the Ocean

Hawaiian monk seal is caught in abandoned fishing tackle off the Kure Atoll, Pacific Ocean.

Update: The Global Oceans Action Summit was a great success! Our Sea Change campaign was well received. The Chair’s ‘summary report’ called for high-level...