Bringing dogs and people together in Bangladesh


On a recent visit to Bangladesh, we met eleven year old Mohamad Bipul, and his four month old puppy Raja. This young pair are living safely and happily together thanks to nationwide rabies vaccinations being delivered right across Bangladesh.

Mohamad lives with his four brothers and three sisters in a rural community, surrounded by paddy fields. Like many people in Bangladesh, he has grown up amongst free ranging cattle, goats, chickens and dogs. 

Raja is a much loved family pet. He lives alongside Mohammed and his family, and shares their meals, even if he does like to sleep with the cows in the barn at night. 

Mohamad’s older brothers told him that vaccinating Raja against rabies would help to keep him healthy and safe. So when our team visited to vaccinate local dogs, Mohamad was first in line. 

Because Raja is so young, he was marked with non- toxic paint rather than given a collar, to show everyone in the village he posed no threat to them.

Raja is one of over 100,000 dogs that have been vaccinated against rabies in Bangladesh since 2011, including over 33,000 dogs last year alone. 

Your support is helping to end the inhumane culling of dogs and help governments humanely manage dog populations. Helping dogs and people live happily in harmony together.