Ending inhumane dog culling

We move governments worldwide to end the inhumane culling of millions of dogs each year – because mass dog vaccination is the only proven solution to rabies

Ending dog culling

Culling dogs is not the solution to rabies – the only way to eliminate the virus is through vaccination. Vaccinating at least 70% of the dogs in an area creates ‘herd immunity’, slowing the spread of rabies until it dies out. So we work with governments to develop vaccination plans that involve local communities and address the specific problems people face.

Our solution  

Millions of dogs are culled each year – in fruitless efforts to stop rabies spreading. Through our work to stop dogs suffering, we:

  • Move governments to vaccinate dogs and stop dog culling
  • Organise training to help people understand that dog culling can’t end rabies
  • Demonstrate that vaccinations aren’t only humane – they work.

How we protect dogs

Dogs – like all animals – have a right to live without suffering. So we work with governments and communities to manage dog populations humanely. And we help people learn how to look after dogs responsibly. We do all of these things to stop millions of dogs being culled without reason every year – and to help communities and dogs live together healthily and without fear.

Download our 'One humane solution, three reasons why' booklet to learn how we're controlling rabies.