Countdown, don’t be chicken on chicken welfare

Help keep the pressure on Countdown to stop the chicken welfare double standard.

Despite thousands of New Zealanders calling on Countdown to at least match Australian chicken welfare standards, they haven’t moved. We continue to be served second-rate chicken, and New Zealand chickens continue to suffer sub-standard conditions.

Countdown doesn’t give a cluck and it’s not good enough.

You can be a voice for chickens by keeping the pressure on Countdown. Send an email telling Countdown that it is unacceptable for them to have one animal welfare standard in Australia and another in New Zealand.

We expect better than second-rate chicken. And New Zealand chickens deserve conditions that at least match those that Countdown’s owners – Woolworths – use in Australia.

What is included in the email to Countdown?

Hi Countdown,

I have a bone to pick with you.

I am one of the thousands of New Zealanders who give a cluck about chicken welfare. I recently signed the petition calling on you to stop serving us second-rate chicken.

How can you justify using lower animal welfare standards for your home-brand meat chickens in New Zealand than your parent company does in Australia?

New Zealand chickens deserve better and I expect better.

Don’t be chicken on chicken welfare. I’m calling on you to do the right thing by at least matching your Australian owner’s chicken welfare standards.

It’s time to see some real action. Let’s give chickens lives worth living.

Yours sincerely,

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