Nov 16, 2012

Take up a challenge of a lifetime and change the lives of animals

Discover Adventure OPEN CHALLENGES are open to anyone wanting to raise money for charity, by undertaking a travel-style adventure of a lifetime.  

Whichever level of difficulty or activity you choose, all Discover Adventure trips are designed to be challenging.  The aim is to push yourself to your own personal limit and focus on your goal: which is raising vital funds for your charity and completing your adventure of a lifetime. 

Turn your adventure dream into a reality

Be it cycling from one end of the United Kingdom to the other, or along the Great Wall of China, or perhaps trekking through the African volcanic scenery home to the Masai people or reaching Everest Base Camp; no matter which grade of trip you aim for, be it moderate, tough or extreme, Discover Adventure can help you turn your dream into reality.

You will meet others on your trip that are raising money for many different charities, but you all have one thing in common: pushing yourself to your limit, and doing something very worthwhile at the same time.

How it works

Discover Adventure Open Challenges are designed to be flexible, because they know that people have different time commitments, and different budgets. You can either choose to fundraise a specified target amount, from which your trip cost is paid by the charity, or fund your own tour costs and raise as much as you can for your charity in addition. 

Please visit the How It Works section on the Discover Adventure website for further information or email  And take up the challenge of a lifetime for yourself and for WSPA - to help change the lives of animals around the world.