Oct 15, 2012

Help stop sea turtle farming

WSPA is launching an urgent campaign to stop the cruel farming of endangered sea turtles for food in the Cayman Islands.

On the Cayman Turtle Farm, thousands of these incredible animals are suffering every day in appalling conditions that have shocked even some of WSPA’s most hardened wildlife staff.

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Shocking farm conditions

Trapped in prison like tanks, barely surviving in their own filth and fed an unnatural diet, these wild naturally solitary creatures are paraded for and handled by tourists before being slaughtered for sale as burgers and steaks.

You may find some of the footage in the video below upsetting, but we think you need to see it.

WSPA Wildlife Campaign Leader Dr. Neil D’Cruze said: “Unfortunately I have seen a lot of difficult things in my years at WSPA, but the conditions at the Cayman Turtle Farm are among the worst I have ever seen. Imagine what happens when you pack hundreds of solitary animals in to one small, dingy tank – where stress and competition for food turns these typically gentle animals into cannibals. They lose fins and even die this way.”

Cannibalism is just one of the severe welfare issues facing sea turtles at the facility. Our undercover investigations found evidence of disease and inbreeding – causing turtles to be born without eyes or with massive deformities - and it’s not just the turtles on the farm that are at risk.

Tourists are able to handle delicate hatchlings and young turtles, which as well as being stressful for these tiny creatures, may expose people to toxic bacteria like salmonella and E.coli which are both found in the farm’s water.

A better future for turtles

Life on the Cayman Turtle Farm is a world away from how sea turtles live in the wild. There’s simply no humane way to commercially farm sea turtles for food.

WSPA met with the Farm to discuss our concerns and offer them the support they need to stop farming turtles and become a world-class rescue and research facility. They turned us down flat.

The Cayman Turtle Farm is the last facility in the world that raises sea turtles for slaughter and human consumption. We cannot stand by and let thousands of sea turtles suffer, every minute of every day. Together, we can stop this cruelty for good.

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